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ERR 3500

The 3500 series is the finest water conditioner available. More than just a conditioner, the Refiner removes sediment, hardness, chlorine, taste and odors from all of the water in your home. This makes carbon filters through the house unnecessary.

HERO 375

The HERO 375 is our finest reverse osmosis water filter to date. Removing up to 99.9% of all impurities in your water, this is the water you want for your cooking and drinking needs. Imagine pure water at the touch of a button, available anytime you need it to bring out the subtle flavors in coffee or any food you prepare.

ETF 2100 PF10

The ETF 2100 PF10 is our fully customizable filter, capable of being tailored to meet your needs. By filling the tank with different types of media, we can treat a wide range of water problems. From cloudy water to water that just doesn't taste right, the 2100 series is  the answer  to many of your water issues.

Assorted cartridge filters

We also carry a wide selection of cartridge type filters to treat a vast array of water problems. Filtered showerheads to countertop filters, we have it all.

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